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In Their Memory !

This year, alas, I lost 3 of my inspiration beacons.

Raby, Lord Jonathan Henry Sacks : November 7, 2020

Raby Abraham Joshua Heshel Twerski: January 31, 2021

Sir Ken Robinson: August 21, 2020

Both Sir Ken Robinson and Lord Jonathan Sacks died in a very short time of less than 3 weeks after it was announced that they were ill. Both died from Cancer, both are very dear to me and influenced my way of thinking.

Raby Joshua Twerski will always be to me, a marble of inspiration of how a spiritual leader should be. He wrote more than 60 books on wide aspects ranging from Hasidic ways of conduct to Morality to Self-improvement and more. I found him first on YouTube!

I recall that day, searching YouTube for some advice ,yes I know, not the typical place to look for an advise :-) When suddenly I saw his image related to a psychological terminology I was searching.

I thought to myself what is he doing here? on YouTube? must be a mistake!

I immediately clicked on his image and from that magical moment I was attached, mesmerized and mostly inspired by his practical well explained concepts on the role of a spiritual man in this world.

In their memory and out of utter respect I dedicate this year writings to these spiritual Giants, may their teachings guide us for long.

May 9, 2021

Ilan Kor.

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